April 2010

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It’s Good to be Back!

After three (3) weeks of absence, it’s good to be back to work again. Despite some health glitches, the holiday was a perfect way to refresh and be ready for another challenge at work again….

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Heat Allergy

After a long time of being away from the Philippines, the heat of summer is keeping me uncomfortable. I got some allergy all over my body. It started a few days ago after some exposure…

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Electricity Cost Increase

The increased of electricity bills is another blow to the already impoverished life of most Filipinos. Buzz words from affected customer, news print media, radio or TV are all signing the same tune, everyone is…

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Re-engineering the Philippine Educational System

The Regional Director for CHED Region IV mentioned in her commencement speech at the WCC that CHED is aiming for the re-engineering of the Philippine Educational System to enable Filipino graduates to compete in the…

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Clan Reunion – A Success

The Pangonilo clan reunion was a success despite some hiccups. Almost every one from the Estanilao Pangonilo lineage was present. Based on numbers, the number great grand children is currently at fifteen (15), with another…

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Three Hours Rotating Brown out

As I have previously discussed, IMHO, the current power crisis got some political influence. It is summer time, power demand is high, no argument on that, but as an Engineer, I know that the power…

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