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Knowledge is not Experience

I was watching a recent political commentary about the appointment of a new minister of government to replace the more prominent official who is now just an backbencher in the upper house. It was mentioned…

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Coping up With Technology

Electrical Management Systems, IEC 61850 or Smart MCC are just some technologies which are considered to be new as they were just introduced in less than a decade or so ago. In some ways, the…

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Stress Reduces Motivation to Work

Naturally, I am a hard working indiviual. I was raised in a farm, have done farm chores before going to school and was required to lend a hand to my father in the farm during…

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What’s In A Name?

In the projects that I am current working for, I got three people whose names I usually interchange. The first is Gordon Scott, a mechanical engineer doing technical reviews on the project. The second is…

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