Stress Reduces Motivation to Work

stressNaturally, I am a hard working indiviual. I was raised in a farm, have done farm chores before going to school and was required to lend a hand to my father in the farm during school breaks. From childhood, I developed the trait of being a hardworker including being an early riser.

I still have this trait with me until now. I always wanted to be doing something, at work or at home. Almost always, I change jobs becuase I feel bored doing repetitive task or just not able to have enough work on my desk. Boredom stresses me.

In my current project, the cost, time and resource estimate was based on a per deliverable basis. The project is relying on the submitted documents to the client for it to become sustainable. It was not a perfect strategy, there were so many deliverables not included in the agreed list of deliverables and there were also important documents or drawings that were missed.

As per request from the client, my company have assigned personnel much earlier than it should be, only to find out later that man-hours are being depleted without any deliverable submitted. Despite missing required information from other disciplines, our team of Instrument, Control and Electrical engineers were obliged to produce deliverables to make the project going.

Now that we are almost in a stage where we already have submitted 80% of our documents and drawings, we need to slow down and wait for information from other disciplines including vendor information. It is at this time that I find myself not productive anymore.

I will be charging to the project, slowly depleting the man-hours available for nothing. I just feel bored. As I said earlier, boredom stresses me that every monring when I wake-up, I just don’t have the urge to go to work. I don’t feel at ease doing nothing or not being productive.

I have told my managers about this a couple of weeks ago but I still don’t find any light at the end of the tunnel up to this time. Probably, there are no available task to be allocated for me at this time. Meanwhile, boredom makes me sick!