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VPS Control Panel Issues

I am having issues with one of my VPS used for a forum. This node always got a problem. Its Control Panel is not even accessible. I have already opened a ticket with helpdesk but…

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Android Tablets Issues

I was so happy with Google Nexus 7 until recently. Apps updates now just takes so long. I tried searching the net about the problem, I could not really get a real answer. One of…

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XAMPP Upgrade from 1.7.X to 1.8.X

I use XAMPP to develop PHP applications on my desktop. As part of the requirement of my new project, I needed to upgrade XAMPP 1.7.X to the latest version, as of this writing it is…

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VPS Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Most CMS and Frameworks applications now require PHP 5.2 as the minimum requirement. Some have higher requirement to be able to function properly. I have been in this situation when I installed Kohana Framework on…

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Ubuntu 13.04 on A Google Nexus 7

There are news[1][2] that the latest release of Ubuntu was successfully ported into the Google Nexus 7. I have extensively used Ubuntu in the past as a desktop or a home server. It is not…

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VPS Upgrade or Optimization

This forum was started back in 2006. Over the years, it has grown enormously that in one time, 500+ users were online. Current statistics indicate that there are 936239 Posts 18839 Topics 19075 Members The…

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