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VPS Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Most CMS and Frameworks applications now require PHP 5.2 as the minimum requirement. Some have higher requirement to be able to function properly. I have been in this situation when I installed Kohana Framework on…

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MyBB Internal Errors

Moving a MyBB forum to a new server and upgrading it to the latest stable release is truly a pain. It’s not for the faint hearted. I like MyBB due to its clean design. As…

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Ubuntu Mod-Rewrite Enabled

I created a Linux virtual server using open-source software VirtualBox and Ubuntu 9.10 to serve as my development server. I used the Ubuntu desktop edition as it provides me other options I needed not to…

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RAD and Frameworks

Frameworks are RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools. This term sometimes is a misnomer. I will explain why. Example, an experienced PHP developer can create an application in a much shorter time than when he will…

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