Begging for Life

This is a the title on an Al Jazeera network documentary presenting the problems of beggars in the streets in Metro Manila. The report said that “begging is illegal in the Philippines… but tolerated for…

Mabuhay ka Pia!

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 Congratulations! After 42 years, another Filipina is crowned Miss Universe.

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Learning Curve (not considered)

Employers hire experienced individuals and expect them to deliver the very first minute they step into the door. The employers’ reasoning is they wanted results right away that is why they are willing to pay…

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Continuing Professional Development

Most Professional Regulatory Authorities require registered professionals to complete a certain number of hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or some call it Continuing Professional Education (CPE) as a requirement for renewal of registration. A…

Energy and Inefficiency

It has been predicted that oil reserves will only last for 40-50 years. It is now more than 50 years since the first oil was discovered and oil & gas production is still rising. What…

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