Advantages of Effective Communication Skills

Important Note: I was searching old unused files on my laptop when I saw this article which was dated about several months ago. I do not know the exact source of this article so if you are the original author of this article, just let me know so that I could give the credits to you. I find this article very interesting thus I am sharing it with others as it may provide them a better insight on the advantages of communication.

Statement of the Problem:

What are the advantages of effective communication skills in people’s life?


Effective communication skills are essential for a successful career, satisfying relationships and a personal sense of accomplishment. Communication is seen every day through TV commercials, interaction with the person opening a door for you and listening to other people speak. Effective communication empowers people, provides clear direction and increases productivity. Without it, you lose motivation and the inability to make a decision, and you become angry because your messages are not understood.

1. Provide Clarity

Effective communication skills provide clarity and direction. Clarity prevents misunderstandings that lead to arguments and frustration. When you use effective communication skills, your messages are simple, direct and easy to understand. For example, if you said something that another person overheard and took offense, you clarify by providing the context in which the statement was made. The other person gains a clear understanding of what you were talking about, and the conflict is resolved.

2. Increase Success

Successful people communicate effectively. This includes interpersonal and organizational communication. Interpersonal communication skills connect you with another person so your messages are understood. These include listening skills, making eye contact and maintaining agreement between your verbal and nonverbal communication. Effective organizational skills provide clear and defined policies, procedures and expectations for people within an organization.

3. Create Self-Satisfaction

Being able to understand and be understood creates self-satisfaction. You express your feelings, thoughts and emotions in an effective way, so you satisfy the area of the human spirit that longs to be heard. You also feel satisfied because you understand other people, which leads to healthy, strong and rich relationships. Effective communication also enables you to negotiate and live from convictions, so that when you make a decision or say something your message is accurate and genuine.

4. Promote Productivity

When you communicate a goal, the steps to accomplish the goal and the tools needed to fulfill the steps, the people you communicate with perform their jobs more efficiently. If there is a breakdown, effective communication skills repair the damaged communication and keep things moving in a productive way. People know what you want, how long they have to complete the task and what it’s going to take to reach the goal.


Effective communication skills for people will help them to become successful in their career, improve personnal relationships and provide self fulfillment.