Senior High School – Is it Effective?

In 2010, I have already talked about Re-engineering the Philippine Educational System which has led to the creation of the curriculum for Senior High Schools. After a couple of years of Senior High School and the first batch of graduates finally enrolled at the college level to continue their selected educational pathway, the question now, Senior High School – is it effective?

My current company hosts Senior High Students on-the-job training. However, they only complete a 10-day training that sometimes their assigned task was not aligned to the selected pathway. How could these high school students learn the actual application of the theory they are learning from school if they are not trained according to their pathways? Are there any check and balance imposed to ensure that on-the-job training is properly implemented? This question remains to be proven.

Another issue I am seeing on the implementation of Senior High School curriculum is the numerous number of school taking advantage of the possible business opportunity brought about by this additional years of high school education. I do not know if there has been proper accreditation of these school to conduct Senior High School education.

I may be too early to judge, let’s just wait and see.