Grounding and Bonding Permitted Methods

Grounding is one of the most taken for granted provision of the Philippine Electrical Code. The incompetence of Electrical Inspectors make this practice worst. I inspected the grounding system of a 13.8kV Ring Main Unit…

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Circuit Breaker Utilization Categories (IEC 60947-2)

Utilization category (for a switching device or a fuse) is defined in IEC 60947-1 as the combination of specified requirements related to the conditions in which the switching device or the fuse fulfills its purpose,…

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System Voltage Classes (ANSI)

In ANSI C84.1-2011, Clause 3, system voltage classes were explained Low Voltage (LV) A class of nominal system voltages 1000 volts or less. Medium Voltage (MV) A class of nominal system voltages greater than 1000…

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