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Normative and Informative Annexes Compliance

The terms ‘normative’ and ‘informative’ are commonly used in IEC and other derivative standards to define applications of annexes. A normative annex is an integral part of a Standard which requires mandatory compliance, whereas an…

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IEC Motor Protection Coordination

IEC 60947-4-1 addresses coordination between the motor circuit protective devices and the motor starters. It also provides a method to measure performance of these devices if a short-circuit occurs. This standard defines two levels of…

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Non-hazardous Area – IEC 60079

IEC 60079 is concerned with the classification of areas where flammable gas or vapour or mist hazards may be present. The classification may be used as a basis to support the proper selection and installation…

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Motor Cable Selection Chart Explained

Important: Please note that any materials presented herein is subject to the conditions of the disclaimer of this site. I am receiving a significant number of enquiries on how to use the cable sizing chart…

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