economic slowdown

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Electrical Engineer’s Secondary Skill

More than half a decade after the world economic slow down, most popularly known as the Global Financial Crisis, job security is still a thing of the past. Staff or permanent roles are not guarantees…

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Over a cup of coffee

It is always good to get some advises from a well experienced and knowledgeable person. There is always wisdom in their words. I always listen to them as they give their advises for free. I…

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Global Economy – Unsustainable Recovery

The global economy was able to recover from the recession a few years back. That was the happy part, the sad part is, it was not a sustainable recovery. Thus the economic slump again that…

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Chinese Economy Reached Saturation Point

By definition, Saturation Point is a point at which capacity has reach its peak. The Chinese economy is similar. Its economic growth has been bullish for the past decade but it ultimately reached its maximum…

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Offshoring – Strategy to Remain Competitive

Offshoring is the utilization of services from any foreign subsidiary for a service formerly produced locally within the company. This is the strategy being utilized by multi-national EPCM companies to remain competitive in the market….

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