Over a cup of coffee

It is always good to get some advises from a well experienced and knowledgeable person. There is always wisdom in their words. I always listen to them as they give their advises for free.

I got a conversation with a colleague over a cup of coffee. He is already retired but works part-time just to keep himself busy. He mentioned that he was an entrepreneur. That keyword made me more interested on the casual conversation. I was an entrepreneur once but my business was a victim of the Asian economic crisis back in mid-90’s. I do not have deep pocket so I closed my business and went to be employed. Unfortunately, my employer was affected too. The working days was cut-off to only three days a week. That made me decide to go overseas.

He told me that business is life. That we may not be aware but we are all in business. With the tough competitions around, it is always good to do research of the market first before jumping into the bandwagon. With the volatile economy, having several smaller businesses is much better than having a big single one. The rationale, if one of your small businesses is not competitive anymore, close it and go into another venture. Office is not needed to do business, your home is more than what is needed.

Those words have triggered my urge to go into business again. It has full of wisdom.