In Search for Sudden Wealth

There are so many pyramid scams currently being investigated by authorities in the Philippines. Professionals, common housewives and ordinary people alike were being lured into the bait of unscrupulous individuals promising huge interest rate of up to 50%.

In search for sudden wealth, many Filipinos are falling victims into the pyramid scams. To take advantage of the opportunity of high return of investment, these victims have withdrawn their life savings, mortgage their properties, availed of high interest loans, or any other means to produce the required cash for the alleged investment.

Pyramid scams has been around for decades now. Many have already fallen victims in previous years, I am actually wondering why up to now, there are still many Filipinos who are falling into the bait of these scammers.

If the offer of investment is too good to be true, people must think twice or several times before letting go of their precious money.