Re-engineering the Philippine Educational System

The Regional Director for CHED Region IV mentioned in her commencement speech at the WCC that CHED is aiming for the re-engineering of the Philippine Educational System to enable Filipino graduates to compete in the world job market.

The proposal is 10+2+3. It will be 10 years basic education, 2 years college or university preparatory course and 3 years for the degree proper. This will lengthen the number of years to complete a degree by another year.

As she mentioned in her speech, in the ’70s, the Philippine educational system was second to Japan among top Asian nations. Today, is second to Myanmar but from the bottom. This is very disgraceful she said. A new Filipino graduate in Engineering could only work as a Technician in Europe. This one of the reasons the why I believe Filipinos are degraded.

The Director also mentioned about Washington Accord and APEC Engineer accreditation.

When I applied as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), I was actually asked if my alma mater is a member of the Washington Accord, I said no. This is the reason why I took me several months to achieve my registration. It would have been as easy as 1-2-3 if the university where I graduated was a member or signatory of the Washington Accord.

This move of the CHED is perfect timing. Economy is now going back to its pre-recession status. There will be more jobs on the world market in the coming years. It will be on the advantage of the new Engineering graduate.

The Director is hopeful that the coming administration will not interfere with this plan to re-engineer the Philippine Educational System.

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