Clan Reunion – A Success

The Pangonilo clan reunion was a success despite some hiccups. Almost every one from the Estanilao Pangonilo lineage was present. Based on numbers, the number great grand children is currently at fifteen (15), with another child coming in two (2) months time.

Time flies. Some kids were not even born the last time that I visited my hometown. Some were still babies then but now they are already teenagers.

The bottom line of the reunion however was to let our mother, who is now 86 years old, be with her children, grand children and great grand children gather together while she is still alive. Personally, this is a better time to celebrate than having a reunion and mourning. I am not insuating about our mother dying soon but she is old, she is sickly and only time will tell when will the Great Creator take her back into His care.

I don't know when whill this reunion be happening again, only time will tell.