Three Hours Rotating Brown out

As I have previously discussed, IMHO, the current power crisis got some political influence. It is summer time, power demand is high, no argument on that, but as an Engineer, I know that the power shortage, about 800MW, is not a normal occurrence.

If there is only one power plant shutting down, I may say that is just a normal occurrence. But if there are several including the privately owned power generating plants shutting down or reducing capacity for reasons which are preventable, then it is questionable.

A few days ago I went to the mall only to find out that it got no power. Only a few shops, probably those paying for emergency power, are supplied with emergency power. Loses from businesses will again escalate due to this power shortage, a 3 hour rotating brownout.

One good thing though, residential consumers are not affected.

What are the plans of the government to solve this problem? They will say, we can’t do anything, it is election time. Is this situation not covered by the emergency powers of the President. Well again, probably yes, probably no, she is just busy campaigning for the Lower House in her district.

As a wild guess, this power crisis will not have a permanent solution in a year’s time if proper planning and engineering will do its course. I wish, no short cuts will be implemented as this will just become an unnecessary expense on the coffer of the Filipino people and a good source of campaign funds for unscrupolous politicians.

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