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Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Skyrocketing electricity or power bill is not a problem that is distinct to Filipinos who are customers of Meralco. It is happening worldwide. It is also happening in North America, Europe and Australia. To reduce…

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Another Reason Why PEC Should Adapt IEC

In this article, I have provided some reasons why PEC should be adapting IEC. In 5 April 2002, the DTI-BPSTC became a recognized Testing Laboratory under the ASEAN Electrical and Electronic Equipment Mutual Recognition Arrangement…

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Up Close & Personal With Arc-Flash

Can an arc-flash occur at 240V? The answer is yes, it can! More than two (2) decades ago, I was an Electrical Maintenance Supervisor then in a ceramic manufacturing company. Electric kilns were used to…

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The Electrical Engineer and the Electrician

This article has attracted several good comments. I commend everyone who shared their own ideas on the topic. Another good topic is, how would you differentiate an Electrical Engineer from an Electrician. Despite their similarities,…

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Three Hours Rotating Brown out

As I have previously discussed, IMHO, the current power crisis got some political influence. It is summer time, power demand is high, no argument on that, but as an Engineer, I know that the power…

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