The Electrical Engineer and the Electrician

This article has attracted several good comments. I commend everyone who shared their own ideas on the topic.

Another good topic is, how would you differentiate an Electrical Engineer from an Electrician. Despite their similarities, these are two distinct occupation.

An Electrician is a tradesman specialized in the installation, wiring or maintenance  of electrical equipment and related equipment.

An Electrical engineer is a person trained on the practical application of the theory of electricty. The Electrical Engineer typically possesses a degree  in electrical engineering.

The practice of each occupation is governed by different licensure examinations / certification to verify competency. In the Philippines, the certification is issued by the Board of Electrical Engineering of the Philippine Regulatory Commission. Each country have different procedures and regulations in acquiring certification.

The functions of these two occupations overlap in many instances. A new graduaate Electrical Engineer has many things to learn from a well experienced Electrician and vice-versa. These two occupations compliment in each other in every aspect.