Electricity Cost Increase

The increased of electricity bills is another blow to the already impoverished life of most Filipinos. Buzz words from affected customer, news print media, radio or TV are all signing the same tune, everyone is wondering why the electricity distributors, power transmission and generation companies are increasing the cost of electricity.

Low consumption customers got a 100% increase, higher KWHRs consumers have their bills increased by about 50%. Authorities are saying that due to the effects of El Nino. The hydro component of the energy mix is considerably reduced increasing the component from imported fuels causing the higher cost electricity.

Another blow is the PhP 1.00 which is one of the reasons why the transport group in Metro Manila have stage a protest rally.

When will the Filipino people ever experience a balance between the their earning capacity and their expenses. Only time will tell. Probably if the politicians leading our country will have the initiative to make the Philippines a better place to live and cope with its Asian neighbours.