Life Without Electricity

Imagine a day in the life of a modern man without a mobile or cell phone, moreso without electricity?

Let us start from the dawn of a new day. The modern man wakes up from the alarm of his phone or clock powered by batteries. Go to the bathroom for a face wash up switching on the light powered by electricity supply from the power utility company. Cleans his face and gurgle with water from the water utility company. The water was pumped from the reservoir using electric motors powered by electricity. Cooks food using electric stove, checks emails using phone or laptop. Goes to work riding light rail transit or through a private car with the radio turned on.

Once at work, air-conditioning, computers, printers, photocopiers, elevators and lightings are all powered by electricity. Before bed time, watches television, listens to music and before sleeping turns on the room air-conditioning. The life of a modern man will not be complete nor productive without reliance to electricity.

What if electricity was never been discovered? What would life be?