Young Graduates – Machines or People

It is graduation time again. Young graduates will be entering the real world. From the theoretical environment of the classroom into the chaotic world of career development.

I have once heard from a mentor, it would be much easier to handle ten (10) machines than having to handle a single subordinate. This idiom has made a mark on my mind that it affected my decisions in choosing a career development path. Through the course of my career development I have considered this phrase in some of my decisions. However, to be able to reach a goal, someone could not get away to handling subordinates.

Young engineers can choose on two (2) career development paths. First path is to become an expert in technology, while the second path is to become an expert in management.The former will make you an specialist on the technology you choose. You will not be handling people but machines. For the latter, you will be mostly performing tasks on planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In this case, you could not get away from having subordinates.

You can be both though, however, there will be a point in your career that you need to choose one. A good example of this is Bill Gates, he started as a technology expert then slowly moved into management later in his career. Some people despite redirecting their career into another path, they tend to go back into their first love before retirement.

Young graduates - machines or people? It is your choice.