Android Tablets Issues

I was so happy with Google Nexus 7 until recently. Apps updates now just takes so long. I tried searching the net about the problem, I could not really get a real answer.

One of the solutions proposed was to factory reset it. I happily did it only to become more frustrated. I do not know what is really happening.

I ask my friend who has another brand of tablet running Android Ice Cream. The issue about update is the same. Now, am I right to conclude that the problem is not on the Android tablet? Probably on the Android Apps Store website.

To eliminate the Apps Store website problem, I tried installing an app on a Android mobile phone. No problem at all. So where is the problem? Is it on the Android 4.X OS? I don't know. There is only one thing sure, there is still a problem on android tablets.

The only last resort is to change connectivity. I tried tethering the tablets into a mobile phone. Then, finally, update was successful. The only common denominator here is the WIFI modem. However, it does not have any problem before, why now? My only answer, I don't know.

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