It’s Good to be Back!

After three (3) weeks of absence, it's good to be back to work again. Despite some health glitches, the holiday was a perfect way to refresh and be ready for another challenge at work again.

I think I have gone too far though. On my first day at work, I was totally blank that I need to try hardly to remember the routines I normally do at the office. I was lucky though not to forget my computer access password or else I will not be able to access my work computer without going into the IT department. Once I got in, other applications requiring passwords will come in handy using the "Forgot Password" button.

There has been few developments at the project I have been working with. The most significant is personnel movement. In just three (3) weeks of absence, many people have came and gone. On project progress, not much as we are now on the process of issuing final documents & drawings for construction. We are now at the tip of the project stage thus holidays are most appropriate to avail at this time that's why I took my holidays.

For my next holiday? I still can't say. Probably save again for another trip.