Facebook – Are We Still In Control?

I have known during my holidays back in the Philippines that Filipinos are currently addicted to the social networking site Facebook.

From the people I know to people I get acquainted with, they spend at least 2 to 4 hours on the social networking sites every day. The age bracket range from about 7 to 57 years old.

Despite the sign up policy of Facebook about birthdays:

Why do I need to provide my birthday?
Facebook requires all users to provide their real date of birth to encourage authenticity and provide only age-appropriate access to content. You will be able to hide this information from your profile if you wish, and its use is governed by the Facebook Privacy Policy.

You are about to create a personal account. If you are here to represent your band, business, or product you should first create a Facebook Page.

How can facebook verify the authenticity of the birth date? That a minor is not cheating to appear as an adult? Or that a 50 years old adult be prevented from posing as a person half his age in order to prey on innocent social network members?

I was also able to observe some bullying among the children using the social networking site. Not to an aggravated stage but it is still bullying.

Facebook – are we still in control of our lives? It is good to communicate with friends and kins miles away from us using the networking site but are we putting too much personal information online?

If you are a potato couch and facebook is your only way to let time pass, why not just go, have a walk, and make yourself fit.

Communication is essential, just know the limits of what you expose online. Control your personal life and not your online personality.