Lightning Protection

Lightning protection

Lightning is a high-voltage discharge (usually negative) within clouds (intra-), to each other (inter-), or to the earth. The cloud-to-ground (CG) flash is the one we are usually concerned with lightning protection. The charged cells…

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Lightning Strike as a Source of Damage

In previous articles, I have presented the damages lightning can cause to structures and services according to IEC 62305. The lightning current is the primary source of damage. Depending on the point of lightning strike,…

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Lightning Damage to Services

In this article, I have listed the possible damage that lightning strike could impart into structures. In addition to this, lightning could likewise disrupt services. IEC 62305-1 provides a list of possible disruption to services….

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Lightning Damage to Structures

Lightning is a natural phenomenon. It is a high energy electrical discharge from the atmosphere into the ground that any structure along the path of the discharge will dissipate the energy contained in it. The…

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