IEC 62305 – Protection against lightning

Strike Direct to Structure

Lightning is a very high-energy phenomenon. Lightning protection is often times taken for granted as the probability of a lightning strike to a structure is low, damage to properties and deaths due to lightning strikes are facts.

Performing lightning protection calculations according the IEC 62305 is a little bit tricky particularly on the risk assessment on economic losses.

As engineers don’t have access to economic data at the time of the design process, inaccurate data are often used which could result in inaccurate result. In some instances, risk assessment due to economic losses are not considered at design stage.

The IEC publication 62305 – Protection against lightning provides a comprehensive outline on how to perform lightning protection risk assessment. It has been recently updated last December 2010.

  1. IEC 62305-1 – Protection against lightning – General principles
  2. IEC 62305-2 – Protection against lightning – Risk management
  3. IEC 62305-3 – Protection against lightning – Physical damage to structures and life hazard
  4. IEC 62305-4 – Protection against lightning – Electrical and electronic systems within structures

In addition to the 4 volume publication, a risk assessment calculation software is provided free of charge.