Lightning Damage to Services

tower-lightningIn this article, I have listed the possible damage that lightning strike could impart into structures. In addition to this, lightning could likewise disrupt services.

IEC 62305-1 provides a list of possible disruption to services. In gas pipelines, lightning could lead to explosion. Proper lightning protection is necessary to prevent any possibility of disruptions or worst damages to public services.

Table 2 - Effects of lightning on typical services
Type of service Effects of lightning
Telecommunication line Mechanical damage to line, melting of screens and conductors, breakdown of insulation of cable and equipment leading to a primary failure with immediate loss of service
Secondary failures on the optical fibre cables with damage of the cable but without loss of service
Power lines Damages to insulators of low voltage overhead line, puncturing of insulation of cable line, breakdown of insulation of line equipment and of transformers, with consequential loss of service
Water pipes Damages to electrical and electronic control equipments likely to cause loss of service
Gas pipes
Fuel pipes
Puncturing of non-metallic flange gaskets likely to cause fire and/or explosion.
Damage to electrical and electronic control equipments likely to cause loss of service

Source: IEC 623-5 Protection against lightning - Part 1: General principles

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