Why do life needs to be complicated?

Life is not simple anymore. Technology is making life more complicated everyday. Can the modern man able to live a normal life without dependency to modern technology?

Who among the modern man can live a day without a mobile phone (cellphone), a computer or connecting online? Technology is invading the home much more than we can think of. The car and the TV are now smart. In a few years time, the refrigerator, the microwave and the washing machine will become smarter. These appliances can be accessed online to check whether you need to re-stock your food supply, or get an alert message from your washing machine that it has completed its cycle. All of these appliances can be accessed simply through any of your apps on your mobile phone.

When will this end? Why do life needs to be complicated? Can life not be as simple as the life of the cave man?

I remember my childhood days being a farm boy. We never have technology in our lives. No electricity – we used a coconut oil lamp for our lights, no tap water – we drink water direct from the spring, no alarm clocks – we used the sun or the moon to tell the time of the day, or when the cock crows early in the morning – it’s time to get up and be ready for farm chores.

We tilled our farm using the beast of burden. We harvested our crops manually. We were a sustainable family by all means. Our veges were fresh from the garden, we caught fish from the river, we have lots of chickens, goats or pigs if we wanted meat. Fruit bearing trees were very accessible in the farm. Life was so simple then. Why do life needs to be complicated now?

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  1. Staci C. Stein

    Plain people are Christian groups who have for centuries practiced lifestyles in which some forms of wealth or technology are excluded for religious or philosophical reasons. Groups include the Shakers , Mennonites , Amish , Bruderhof , Harmony Society , and some Quakers . There is a Quaker belief called Testimony of Simplicity that a person ought to live her or his life simply.

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