Some Funny Facts of Life

An employee has been very efficient. All his works are high quality, delivered on time and completed budget. His good performance did not become unnoticed. His boss has been giving him commendations for jobs well done.

As he is an efficient employee, his boss tried to off-load some of his peers work to him. He has become overloaded that he is not able anymore able to meet delivery schedules. He made lots of errors on his work. His boss became disappointed with his performance. He has been given warnings to improve but he was unable to meet his boss' expectations. Ultimately, his boss fired him!

These are some funny facts of life. We are only human. We have our own limitations. We can only do as much. Beyond that, we deteriorate, then finally give way.

We must be aware of this limitations. We need a balanced life to be able to perform efficiently. As the saying goes "All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy".