Philippine Newspaper Ads Still Dominated by Overseas Job Opportunities

I bought a broad print newspaper Sunday, 10 December 2012 issue not to look into the front page photo of Pacquiao and Marquez captioned “War In Las Vegas” but to see what are the job opportunities offered locally.

The main bloxed ads were still dominated by job opportunities for overseas deployment particularly in the Middle East. I could count some local oppotunties but these are much smaller in sizer compared to its overseas counter part.

This scenario makes me wary. As an OFW trying to plan a retirement from overseas employment in a few years, what employment opportunity is waiting for me. I know that my technical expertise in the hydrocarbon industry may not have much opportunities locally. Though as a PEE, I could easily move to other industries, the big question is, am I still within the age limit for employment, I may be over-qualified for the required job or may just be under-paid that I may not survive without spending a cent from my retirement benefits?

Those are the big questions I needed to provide a clear answers.