Opportunities for Returning OFWs

Returning OFWs should be provided government program to prepare them to re-integrate themselves into the society that they have been away for years.

I have know many OFWs who after deciding to return to the Philippines for good, could not find a suitable way of employment or business. They will just end up going back overseas again in a couple of years.

The Philippines has so many opportunities for returning OFWs. The only problem is, these OFWs don't know where to start. Before I left the Philippines for an overseas employment almost two decades ago, I got lots of contacts in the industry. Some may still be active in the industry, some may have ventured to other business or have gone overseas just like me. Getting to know the right contact to be able to go into business may take some time. Getting into employment is even worse as all OFWs may already be over-aged for the requirement, over-qualified or not enough salary.

With the right government programs, these OFWs may be able to fast-track there businesses or employment. The gorvernment should provide better programs to them, anyway, OFWs areconsidered the modern day heroes.