Hazardous Area Classification and Design Workshop

A few months back, I have contacted a major Philippine professional organization of my intention to provide a seminar/workshop in Decemeber 2012 on Hazardous Area Classification and Design based on IEC 60079. I specifically mentioned that my services is free.

I summarized the objectives of the seminar / workshop as follows:

  1. To introduce IEC 60079 standards which is being used in 80% of all hazardous area designs world wide.
  2. To discuss the different types of protection in hazardous areas
  3. To select equipment in Hazardous Areas
  4. To classify hazardous area according to IEC 60079 using a sample P&ID diagram and Equipment Layout.

I was very happy to get an initial reponse from them. I was informed that the proposed workshop will be subject to committee discussion and approval. A course outline was also requested, so I provided it.

Until now, I have not received any reponse from them. I am still in limbo about the status of my request. If it was declined, why?

I am assuming that the committee don’t see the importance of the seminar/workshop. In Australia, this course cost more than $5000 (PhP 220,000) two (2) years ago. And reservation should least be 4-5 months to be able to get a slot.

If you are an authorized Philippine training provider for Continuing Professional Education and interested on providing this course, feel free to contact me.