Design Uniformity Simplifies Replication

In multi-site projects, almost always, the first site requires the most engineering hours. Getting the right design and configuration on the first site will simplify replication process which could reduce significantly the total design duration and completion of a multi-site project.

As most big projects are multi-discipline, it is the responsibility of each discipline leads to ensure that process engineers consider design uniformity and site replication. What are the advantages of having design uniformity across a multi-site project to an Electrical Engineer?

  1. Electrical equipment will be similar across all sites.
    There will be a common specification and datasheet for equipment across the multi-site project. Equipment spare inventory will be minimum.
  2. Equipment and Plant Layouts will be similar.
    Power, lighting, cable ladder and earthing will be similar on all sites. Checking will be much easier.
  3. Cable sizes and drum lengths will be similar across all sites.
    As layouts will be similar, this simplifies cable sizing and procurement as drum lengths will be similar.
  4. Procurement will be reduced due to the uniformity of equipment. Equipment can be ordered in bulk rather than individually.
  5. Shorted design duration.

What are the disadvantages of design uniformity?

  1. Equipment ratings may be much more than what is required in some sites.
    Low utilization will mean that equipment efficiency will be significantly reduced.
  2. Cables sizes may be much larger than required.
  3. An error on the first size will be replicated unto the other sites.

The pros of design uniformity outways the cons. Not to mention that the project will be finsihed much earlier making the client happy.