The project is located in South East Asia where IEC standards are acceptable thus detailed design calls up for IEC standards. I don’t really know if this country accepts standards from other countries like Australia.

The project FEED was prepared using AS. All documents refer to AS. This is a dilemma I need to overcome to go through this project. More so, other people in the project are not really familiar with IEC standards. It is for this reason that every time I call out a table or a clause in my documents or calculation, I need to attach an extract of the standard for them to be able to understand what I am trying to do.

I always get the comment, AS do it this way, why can’t you do it like that? My only answer, are we using IEC or AS?

The AS is now trying to evolve using modified IEC standards (older versions don’t). The reason for this is for Australia to be able to use IEC design equipment. On the other hand, so that Australia could export to other countries where IEC standards are acceptable. As far as I know, there are about 56 member countries for the IEC. That is an enormous prospect for Australian equipment manufacturer.

I really don’t know how this trails of events is going to affect project delivery. There is only one thing I know, project delay. That means a $100K/week penalty. All I can say, I will try my best but I could not control how other people think.