Electric Motors Missing

The predicament of taking over a project is knowing the history of project in every aspect.

At one time, I was asked to procure electric motors for a 100+ units  table shaker. The equipment were already delivered at site ready to be installed but no motors.

The project was canned during the GFC. It was previously owned by a North American company and designed by another engineering company. GFC passed and changes happened.

The first thing I need to do was to dig into pass records of the equipment, datasheet, material requisitions, past emails, etc. Datasheets show that motors were included. Purchase order however shows otherwise.

Reviewing all available documents, I have learn one thing. this may not be the right reason for the missing electric motors, but it is a possibility.

As the equipment were all manufactured in North America, the motors were missed out since it does not fit the requirements at site for IEC requirements. Likewise, motor frame size is different. Not to mention that the client have a nominated motor manufacturer.

The table shakers therefore need to be fitted with an IEC compliant motor in order to work efficiently at site.