Copper – Tungsten Mining Project

I have not been able to update my site for quite a while due to some previous work commitments. I need to wrap up my LNG pipeline project to move into the Copper-Tungsten Mining Project in South East Asia. The scope is to prepare the FEED component of the project then transfer the FEED to the Mumbai office for detailed design.

This project was actually canned during the GFC. With the better global economic condition now, the mining project resumed.

The primary supply to the mining site is a redundant 132KV/33KV/22KV three-winding transformer.

The radial distribution system at 22KV is a combination of overhead for distant loads and XLPE cables on ladders for others. Large motor loads above 500KW, such as mills, are rated 6.6KV. All others are rated 400V.

There are almost a thousand motors in the mine site supplied for either an intelligent motor control centers or variable speed drives. All motors controls, protection relays and variable speed drives are linked together by a stand-alone Electrical Network Management System (ENMS) and interfaced to the Plant Control System.

Another project, another source of new ideas.