OFWs in Distress

The past crisis in Egypt and the current crises in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Japan have displaced so many Overseas Filipino Workers. Watching their predicament on the media is hair raising. I just can't imagine myself if I were in their shoes.

The Philippine government is doing their best to repatriate most of the OFWs in distress. Their effort however is not reaching out every Filipino in need. Worst, the government agencies responsible for repatriation is already telling how much they have spent in the process. All I can say is to borrow the famous three letter word of Charlie Sheen, "Duh!".

Every OFW is paying the POEA/OWWA a premium every time they deployed overseas. That insurance is supposed to be used to repatriate / help OFWs in times of crisis just like these.

Where has the money gone? Your guess is as good as mine. But the bottom line, those OFWs in distress needs help asap.