A Bit Busy Lately

I have not updated my blog very often lately. First, I have undergone surgery, and when I came back to work, in addition to the two LNG pipeline projects I am currently doing, there were also other projects from the water group seeking for my assistance. Thus, I was a little bit busy lately and don't find time to update my blog. But even if I can, I could not force myself anymore to think as I am totally exhausted working beyond normal office hours to cope up with deadlines.

It is good, as I can keep myself busy. Not so good I am an heir to other people left over works and forced to clean up their mess, not to mention the tight work scheduling.

At one time, I am juggling up three to four different projects that I sometimes need to isolate myself from other nuisance to be able to focus on the work and complete the job.

I don't regret any minute that I am doing this work though. I rather be busy than pretending doing something just to let time pass by.