When the train misses the terminal

brisbane trainDid you ever experience having your train missing the station where you should be stopping? This morning while going to work, the train I was riding did just like that.

Every passenger was petrified to see their train pass-by the station they are supposed to stop. One passenger after gaining some composure from shock, talk to the train driver via the intercom as to the reason why the train did not stop on the station. The answer was

"There was a platform incident preventing us to stop."

Then on the public address system, every passenger heard the train driver announcing:

"We regret for not able to stop at the station... there has been a platform incident... we shall be stopping on the next station and ..."

The next words were not heard anymore as the passenger started talking silly things...

On the next station we alighted for the service and took the train back five minutes later.

Passengers could not still believe the incident. They are still asking each other, is it truly a platform incident or the train driver just missed the terminal...

Your guess will be as good as mine, but the real reason may not be revealed at all.