Moving Back to Oil & Gas

Despite the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the world economic slowdown, oil & gas projects are on the rise again creating better opportunities for the veterans as well as newbies in the industry.

After 2-1/2 years doing water related projects, I just find water projects as boring. More so, the water industry do things differently compared to the oil & gas.

Today, I was formally informed that I will be assigned to a new project, a coal-seam gas pipeline EPC project. This is the opportunity I was waiting for, moving back to oil & gas again. The project may last for a couple of years.

A Filipino Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) - Australia and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) - Philippines with extensive experience in concept select, front-end engineering, HV & LV detail design, construction and commissioning of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area electrical installations in water and waste water pipeline and pumping facilities, offshore platforms, hydrocarbon process plants and pipelines including related facilities. Hazardous area classification and design certification (UEENEEM015B, UEENEEM016B, UEENEEM017B).

5 thoughts on “Moving Back to Oil & Gas

  1. Florimond Milo Esteban

    I do not know yet . I am currently looking for a job either as a Project Engineer (Mechanical).
    My other option is to go back as Ship Repair Manager or Maintenance Manager for shipyard facilities.

    In the meantime, I am tutoring my daughter for her Primarily School Leaving exams (PSLE) here in Singapore. Their Curriculum is quite tough so it may be a blessing in disguise.

    Do you have any contacts in the Oil & Gas? Or do you have any projects you need people with Mechanical Background>

    Best Regards,


    • Ver Post author

      There are several prospects and I will let you know once it got confirmation.

  2. Florimond Milo Esteban


    My last company was with an Oil & Gas company – Global Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
    My job as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for the last 2.5 years was to oversee Mechanical Equipment installation of Owner Furnished Equipment for a DP- 2 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel named G1200 at Keppel Singmarine , Singapore.

    I am currently looking for a job probably in Oil & Gas or Power Generation where my skills are suitable.

    • Ver Post author

      Hi Mon,

      Where do you plan to work?

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