Oil Spills World Wide and in the Philippiness

It seems that oil leaks is now becoming a normal occurrence world wide. The most famous of which is the BP oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico. Whilst BP have made a successful plugging of the leaking oil pipe, the solution is not permanent. Hopefully, it will hold out the pressure until the relief wells will be ready and operational by the end of the month.

Despite the stoppage of oil leakage, the oil clean-up will take years if not decades.

In the Philippines, a Petron subsea pipeline burst when it was hit by a ship anchorage in the last typhoon that previously hit the Philippines. Oil spil in the vicinity of Rosario, Cavite is affecting the residence of the area.

What is laughable is the temporary solution implemented, a rubber tied around the pipe to stop the leakage. Are the engineers of Petron not good enough to think of a better solution than a primitive one?

The Philippine Coastguard is now using oil-dispersant to clear the oil spill.

In Mariveles, Bataan, oil leaking from sunken ships is causing nausea to residents in that area. The residents are trying their best to do some clean-up.

Recently, an oil pipe in China burst causing almost 15 hours fire and oil spill.

The dependence on oil is not arguable but the environmental disaster it is causing due to accidents or negligence should be a wake-up call to everyone to find other sources of energy.

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    oil spills should be controlled as soon as possible to prevent environmental damage’~;

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