How do you order a steak?

ipadWe went to a pub for lunch to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of one of our colleagues in the company. It was a treat of the Resource Group leader.

The usual chit-chat was going-on especially when a couple bottles of beers were toppled down until one guy asked how do we order a steak?

One of the guys in our group has always an iPad with him. He got it the very day it was released. He got the 64GB, 3G / WIFI model. Open your iPad, open the website of this pub, look at their menu, select your steak, call them to order it. Which he almost did until he realized that he was already sitting with the pub’s menu on the table, with the waiter just waiting for him to take his order. There was a crack of laugh then.

People are just too passionate with their gadgets that they forget that it will be easier to do task manually that doing it using the gadget.

Just like using an iPhone as a TV remote. Why not just stand up and push the buttons on the TV directly rather than buying an iPhone appliccation to do the task, learning how to use it, and if it will not work, you will get cranky.

Common people, wake up! Life is still real in this real world not in avatar world.