Truth Commission – Will it be effective?

arroyo01Finally, PNoy signed the Executive Order No. 1 creating the Truth Commission headed by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide. The commission will last for two years. It will investigate corruption committed from 2001 to present. It has the power to summon individuals alleged to be involved in corruption.

Looking some decades back, Pres. Cory rose to power in 1986. Then, her former AFP chief of staff, Fidel "Tabaco" Ramos become her successor in 1992, followed by Pres Erap in 1998 and finally after another EDSA revolutuion, Pres GMA became president in 2000.

This means means that the main target of the truth commission is GMA.

Looking back again, after EDSA Dos, it was the Chief Justice who inducted GMA as president. That Chief Justice was Hilarion Davide. It was also Davide that presided on the impeachment hearing of Erap.

Probably, you are getting what I mean. I am not insinuating though that there will be some sympathy somewhere.

Fast forward, the Truth Commission despite its power to investigate, it has limitations. It only can recommend filing of charges, it is the Ombudsman that will be presiding over the corruption charges. The current head of the ombudsman is Merceditas Gutierre, who is an appointee of GMA and known to be a close friend and ally of the former president.

Summing everything up, will the Truth Commission be effective? Why did it not include all previous presidents? Why did it specifically target GMA?

Let just wait and see! That's all we could do.