Pinoy Crab Mentality – A Bad Trait Preventing Progress

Pinoys wake-up! We are now in the 21st century, shed off that bad trait of crab mentality. This trait is keeping the Philippines behind its Asian neighbors in terms of development. In the ’70s, the Philippines is next to Japan in terms of economy. At present times, despite so many changes in government, the sinking ship called the Philippines is still on its way to become the most corrupt and under developed nation in Asia.

One of the bad traits of Pinoys holding up progress, other than corruption in government, is the Crab Mentality. In which case, Pinoys are compared to crabs inside a basket where each and every crab tries to climb up the lid to become the first to get out of the container. Other crabs below it, instead of supporting the crab on top, try to drag it back to the basket.

This fury in myself against crab mentality of Filipinos was due to the conversation with one of the Filipinos who have been trying to acquire his Aussie Permanent Residency. The case officer was a Filipino. In other people’s eyes, this is good, but in truth, rather than an advantage, it became a nightmare to the aspiring Filipino due to the crab mentality of the Filipino case officer. Rahter than helping his kababyan to accomplish faster immigration requirements, the case officer even tried to put pressure on the Filipino applicant. It even came to a point where another case officer intervened telling the case officer and the applicant, “Are you not from the same country? You should be helping each other instead.”

Is this not an insult to Pinoys?

Crab mentality is just a simple case of greed and jealousy. No further explanation is required.

Mga kababayan, sino pa ba ang magtutulungan kundi tayo ring mga Pinoy!

8 thoughts on “Pinoy Crab Mentality – A Bad Trait Preventing Progress

  1. maica fernandez

    we should remove the trait preventing progress (CRAB MENTALITY)

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