Election 2010 – Are We Ready Yet?

It's now only a couple of days away from another milestone in Philippine politics. Another time for the Filipino people to select their President and the first time to vote in an automated election.

Watching the news tonight, I felt that the first automated election in Philippine history is not yet smooth sailing as the Comelec and its contractor alleged it is. Majority of the Presidential candidates, either want to postpone the election for another couple of weeks to streamline the bugs of the PCOS machines or wants a parallel manual counting of votes.

Another Presidential candidate even indicated that in case he will lose the race, he will not accept the results of the automated election until proven so. When I heard this, I said to myself, WHAT?

With all these opinions and allegations with just a few days from the decision time of the Filipino people, I asked myself, Election 2010 - are we ready yet? Will the automated election ready to provide early and acceptable results? Let us wait and see!