Greek Gods to Rescue Crisis

Perses, the god of destruction, is ruling the streets of Greece because Phoebe, goddess of the “bright” intellect and prophecy, was not able to foresee the late effects of the GFC. Let be the gods from Olympus prevent Ares, god of war, from joining hands with Perses to transform Greece into the underworld of Hades.

The Greek mythology have played tremendous part in the life of modern man. The most prominent is the Olympic Games.

The crisis in Greece has gone viral affecting another downturn of world markets. There has not been any upward trend in the global since last week. Are we expecting another recession?

Another bite of the recession at this time, IMHO, will make the world fall on its knees and may not be able to stand up again. Stimulus funds of governments have worked on the previous GFC before the financial turn around but will the governments of the world have enough cash left to finance another bail out?

Just hoping that EC will be able to find a solution to the Greece crisis before it explodes creating another global financial meltdown.

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