Politics at Work

politics-at-workThe politics at work is making me sick. The project is already famous for its controversy and politicking, even within the office, politics is very strong.

I have already felt the pressure of politics when I was only about a month on the project. With my background in the oil and gas industry, I am not expose to too much politics as this. All I know, all project team members are coordinating with each other to complete the project within budget and schedule at the satisfaction of the client. There is no competition, only cooperation.

What made me say about the politics, I will give you an example. Our project is the second stage of a proposed four stage water project. If I query through email about Stage 1 why it was done this way instead of done that way. Our what was the basis of this or that.

With a very simple question directed to the Engineer concern, I will be getting a novel as an answer copied to all managers. Why? A report for checking, instead of discussing the mark-up to me directly, it will be discussed with the Manager. Why?

Is there someone who wants to discredit me? Or they just want to show off that they know better? Is it because I am a Filipino? What ever the agenda is, I smell something fishy.

Any way, I always believe that "the end justify the means, not the means justify the end".