Global Marketability

globalmarketIn more than two decades working with several companies in several countries, I have observed that in general, Filipino Engineers and other professionals overseas, despite having the degree and professional license, were only considered for jobs in the non-professional level. A very good example for this is a Filipino Engineer doing CAD works, or a duly registered Dentist in the Philippines doing the work of a dental assistant.

At entry level, this is not unusual as we need to gain experience in order for us to understand the application of the theories we studied at the University. The downside however is, we never outgrow the our job. After several years of working we still do similar role. We are complacent on the job we have knowing that our salaries far better than our fellow professionals back in the Philippines.

In the pre-crisis times, this is understandable. As long as we receive our monthly pay, be able to send our remittances to our love ones back in the Philippines, then it's fine. We plan to retire as we are.

With the turn of events, that the world is in economic downturn, losing a job and applying for another where the ratio is 1 job to every dozen applicants or even worse, then the effects of being complacent will now be felt.

Filipino Engineers should try to further their studies. How many percent of Philippines Engineers continue their education to a higher level. How many Filipino Engineers have Doctorate degrees.

Having a higher education is not an assurance to land a better in this crisis but your marketability will be better.

Filipino Engineers and professionals should try to alleviate their knowledge and skills to be able to compete in the global market.