Economic Slow Down is Bad for the Environment

pollutionAccept it or not, the world is now in economic slow down and recession. Thousands of workers are being laid-off everyday. Even companies with strong economic backing are now signalling to cut-off employees. Despite government efforts to stimulate economies, it seems that the effects of the world economic downturn is more than what anybody expects.

The cost-cutting strategies of companies will be listed: work force reduction, reduction of expenditures, usage of cheaper options, and I could expect, pollution control as it is not cheap to operate and maintain pollution control equipment.

Care for the environment and pollution control, particularly in third world countries like the Philippines, are the last priorities when developing company budget as these are indirect costs, they do not affect production directly.

Implementing government agencies should be proactive in monitoring non-compliance to environmental laws. Corruption, however will make these agents to act blindly on what are happening. If before this slow down of the world economy, corruption is already rampant, I believe, moreso now. To cut cost, companies will not anymore bother maintaining their pollution control equipment worse, will never operate them to the detriment of the environment.