Spammers and Joomla

Like most Joomla CMS installation Filipino Engineer is experiencing spam registration. One spam almost everyday.

I was actually wondering why the biggies in opensource CMS, like Joomla and Drupal don’t have “CAPTCHA” as a built-in feature which could be turned off if not required.

CAPTCHA could deter spammers but not totally eliminate. On the down side, it distracts genuine visitors.

Rather than using a CAPTCHA, I tried to monitor registration. Spammers does not normally validates their registration. That is why, I posted their names on the website.

Lately I tried hacking Joomla core to add the IP Address of the spammers. Its just a very simple hack, it just took me less than an hour to make everything working.


In a couple of hours upon activation of the IP Monitor at the site, the first spammer caught was from Germany.

I will post the simple hack on my next post.